Company History

334  ediy 1In 2005 with two small children Liz and Peter Eliott-Lockhart had a ‘sea-change’ from the ocean to the country in Midwest West Australia.  They initiated a lavender farm, Lavender Valley Farm in scenic Chapman Valley, along with a cafe and also explored the idea of creating natural products.

With a desire to produce natural products that the whole family could enjoy Liz undertook formulation and aromatherapy courses.  Not wanting to just produce a lavender fragrance, Fragonia™ a relatively new essential oil to the market was introduced to them and they found the fragrance blended beautifully with Lavender essential oil.  Hence LVF was born: lavender ver fragonia.

As with all product development change occurs, and in 2014 a revitalisation project took place with both a redevelopment of product lines and recipe formulation along with rebranding and a promotional journey.  A strong focus has always been to produce onsite the natural product range and not outsource any of the processes.  Visitors to Lavender Valley Farm can view and smell the workroom in the big red shed.