Facial Pack



A beautiful day spa for your face.  With the Face Cleanser, Face Exfoliant and Face Mist.  Your skin will be rejuvenated and refreshed all over.

Over 20% off when purchased as a Combination pack.

Product Description

A great combination for your ultimate face regime.

Use the natural healing powers of Lavender and Fragonia essential oils to give your face great work out.  The gentle Face Cleanser can be used every day, leaving your face feeling soft and smooth.

Every other day or whenever suits, give your face the day spa treatment with a gentle scrub with the Face Exfoliant.  Gentle with the addition of jojoba beads, your skin will be cleansed deeply, yet not left feeling like the top layer has been ripped off!

With the natural astringent effects of Witch’s Hazel, a known cleanser and toner, the Face Mist will gently remove excess oil from your face and shrink down pores.  Easy to apply, the spray means you just have to mist your face and go.  Alternatively apply and wipe away with a soft cloth.

All three products have the beautiful and healing properties of Lavender and Fragonia essential oils within them to assist in rejuvenating your skin.

For this combination pack there is an over 20% discount off the regular price of individual items.

Additional Information

Weight 450 g


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